Chapter 049 – [Hero’s Party] Jannet: If the Heavens Reflect what my Heart truly feels, then this Downpour Indeed Attests to It

There’s an expression that says ‘The Heavens are Crying’.

If the Sun Goddess is a woman of the heavens, does this mean that she cries after losing the human who favors her eyes or because her shine and divine existence had been hidden from the people in the sky?

It would be a lie if I say I am not in the least interested to talk about it but what matters to me the most right now is whether the letter had been safely delivered. Nothing else.

The heavens scream no matter what we humans will. The Goddess is just so free to do whatever she pleases.


Our hero party is currently shut in due to the heavy rain. The rain drops endlessly falls on to the roof. Big chunks of water continue to fall on the adjacent inn causing a potted plant fall and break.

The blessings of the sun, or the favor from the rains, or whatever the temper of the heaven’s shall be given.


[The rain’s just so incredible, isn’t it~….]

[Yeah. There’s probably no one who’s out at this weather.]


In the entrance of the inn stands a beautiful blonde girl like a goddess deep in sorrow.

It appears she had ran on an errand outside as her clothes are dripping wet. The fabric sticks closely to her skin showing the curves of her body as if molded by the world’s most renowned sculptor using future’s technology. In short, it’s just devastatingly erotic.


Vince is standing on the entrance as well while silently keeping his eyes on Katie-san but I don’t want to say anything about his behavior anymore. As for Katie-san, to the person who’s the main reason why my chest isn’t anymore visually harassed, I give you my sincerest gratitude.


Anyway, I wonder why was Katie-san outside?


[Is something the matter, Jannet-san?]

[…Oh, no. I’m just wondering where have you been. If you don’t want to answer then I won’t really mind.]

[Fufu, the side of Jannet-san who’s attentive to every little bit of detail is just so cute, isn’t it?]


Katie-san then embraces her own body—a pose like squeezing and emphasizing her chest – before she replied.


[I’d like to warm up for a bit so is it alright if we continue this later in the room?]

[I understand. I’m sorry if it sounded like I’m forcing you.]

[It’s fine~ I don’t really mind.]


Katie-san then grabbed her change of clothes before she went to the bath.


She’s still that bright person but… it isn’t like the usual, no, in fact, I can’t see such trace of her previous explosive brilliance.


As expected, she’s probably regretting how Emmy left because of what she said.

…Or is that really the case?


Or perhaps she did it on purpose?


I don’t know. The only thing I know about her right now considering all of the things I understand is that she is ‘suspicious’.

Or perhaps it is due to my own arrogance that I am this suspicious about her.

But still… It just keeps on repeating itself in my head over and over again. The face that Emmy had as if she’d already forfeited everything.


Is it alright for me to keep on doubting Katie-san until the far future? Or perhaps… the next one would be me…

…Not good. It isn’t the right time to think towards that direction. It isn’t good to be pessimistic about it and let my thoughts wander deeper and darker.

The possibilities that I shouldn’t think of.


[Vince, let’s head back too.]

[Ah, sure…]


I don’t know if he heard what I said as he’s still remain to be dumbstruck so I pulled him and went back into the room.



There’s just something I have to say to Vince now that the two of us are inside the room.


[Don’t ever talk about anything regarding Russell. We don’t know what would happen but Katie-san had been too persistent asking for a recovery mage recently. She might go to him instead if she heard about him.]

[…Now that you mention it, yeah. Got it.]

[But even so… Emmy was definitely wronged…]


It seems like I don’t need to be specific as Vince’s face visibly darkened.

…For me, Vince is someone who has quite a good physique with excellent swordsmanship, but aside from that, together with his lustful tendencies, he isn’t someone who is heroic.

I’ve known he’s been in trouble from his fellow guys back in the village and every girl is wary of his longing gazes. If anything, he is kind of villainous.


To be honest, I’ve been thinking why Vince had become the <Hero>.

Ofcourse, he isn’t that villainous as those vicious criminals so maybe it’s still acceptable.


[I don’t think she’s been thinking about it too long ago but I can say that she didn’t leave on impulse. Even I am surprised that a skill with an activation condition about the person you love exists.]

[,,,What did Emmy say at the end?]

[Goodbye, she said. If she’ll be able to get to Russell then, if its him, I know he’ll forgive her… As long as it’s still the Russell I know.]



Vince appears to be restless. However, I’ll not allow him to chase after her.

Everything happened due to the expulsion of Russell.

Perhaps he’s feeling the weight of his guilt now given the situation. A hopeless man who’s helplessly abandoned.


[…I’ll say this again just in case but I think we’ve made the right decision that time. We’ve just been under continuous unfavorable conditions. Perhaps even the Goddess-sama didn’t foresee the possibility of this situation.]


[Since its Emmy we’re talking about I believe she’ll at least send us letters. And I don’t really mind if we just continue with just the two of us… Or perhaps you think otherwise, Vince?… You think so too, right?]


I’d given him the burden. Rather, he should be thankful that’s just what I had given.

The two of them clearly hold affection towards each other and it’s just the exactly the two of them who aren’t aware of it.

…Perhaps Vince thought that it was the right opportunity for him to cut between the two and it was only me who clearly realized the truth.

Russell in his own way pay lots of attention and is always beside Emmy but obviously didn’t realize his feelings. Well… I received the same attention and help that Emmy had though.


…What’s the possibility of Russell liking me?

None, none.

It’s better to stop dreaming of things that’ll never become true.

I’m not that delusional to believe I can be more princess-like than Emmy.


[…Really, its my lost. Emmy is Russell’s property.]


There’s really no hope for this guy who calls a girl a ‘property’. At the very least, Russell is treating Emmy as a lady or perhaps more than that.

Once he asked, ‘won’t there be anything of blessing getting pushed away if you always rush your way through?’ and I can’t help but get surprised of how attentive he was which left me in trance. I expressed it otherwise though as I chopped Russell’s head saying he’s meddling too much.

If only Vince could learn a thing from Russell. At least even just the way he breathes.


Even so, really… Emmy being Emmy’s just too much.

Boys find girls who are a bit clumsy appealing to them for help and find it cute… No matter how much help Russell has given me, I still won’t be able to hold a candle against Emmy.

It really is such a blessing to be pretty.

…and, after all this time growing together with my childhood and now my bestfriend, the fact that I still harbor such petty thoughts makes me disgusted on my own being.


To be frank, I don’t deserve to be Emmy’s bestfriend.

That’s why… it gives me more the reason to use all I have and let the future Emmy desires to be realized.

If it’s Russell then it will be fine.


I’ll leave the princess on your care, oblivious prince.



After thinking a bit more, Katie-san finally returned.

With her usual alluring negligee.


[Are you doing this on purpose? Please wear proper clothes.]

[I’m sorry, it’s just that wearing extra clothes make me feel stuffy….]


Mu, I can’t say anything against that…

Katie-san then sits on her bed and remained silent as she began to use magic to dry her hair.


She’s able to use magic without even saying anything?


[Katie-san, just now, what did you do?]

[Eh? I used a chantless <Dry> daily life magic. The chant would be just <Dry>, right?]


There’s no way I, a Magi Class Sage, don’t know that mage magic.

That’s not what I’m asking though. ‘Chantless’ you say… like it’s one of the most obvious things in this world while I have no idea how does it work…


No, not that. What’s concerning more than the unknown technique of Katie-san called chantless magic is that, in her perspective, its ‘one of the most obvious’ like everyone knows it.


[Ah, are you referring to chantless magic? You just have to concentrate and recite the chant of the magic inside your head while allowing the mana flow like how it’s supposed to, and it will work.]

[…Please accept my gratitude for your guidance and thoughts.]

[Oh no, it’s not yet proven it will work right away.]


…It’s a piece of knowledge being treated like it’s a matter of fact and by no means she intends to brag. Its quite obvious that the difference in our knowledge is quite high.

It’s on another level.

It isn’t just the amount but the quality of knowledge as well. The discussion about needing a recovery mage and the necessity of priest in subjugating a demon lord… Correct… Her mumbling shows like how she actually knows the demon lord.


In other words… this person is…

This person who has a ‘matter of fact’ another level of knowledge has far higher level than me.


–I’m feeling like I’m utterly, nonsensically, and terribly incompetent.


The heavens are still weeping.

There’s that saying that instead of the heavens showing what the people feels, it’s actually the opposite that it influences how the people will feel.

However, right now, I humble myself and please let it be that the heavens are crying because of me.

Will the Sun Goddess find insolence with this plead like we’re on equal standing?


My only comfort for now is seeing how Vince was as surprised as me when he heard about chantless magic.

Vince beside me, this normal person who is as bewildered as me, is unexpectedly the one who gave me relief. For the first time.


[Oh by the way, we’re going to talk about the errand I ran to earlier, right?]


Right. Let’s put the chantless magic aside for now and focus as what Katie-san went to earlier is something I should definitely know about.


[Even I feel responsible that we’ve lost a party member because of what I did. That’s why, I don’t know if it’s enough to replace the Holy Knight or not but…]


Don’t tell me…


[I’m thinking of introducing Vince-san to my bestfriend.]


I can hear warning bells inside my head.


Katie-san’s bestfriend?

Then why is that person isn’t beside her all this time?

Why is that person appearing filling up our gaps in such perfect timing?


Is it a coincidence? Or is it according to someone’s plan?

Or perhaps… Rather than coincidence, an inevitable?


I don’t know… Am I the only one blindingly asking this question and stupidly wondering where this will end? I don’t know. I don’t understand.

I’m terribly incompetent… and also laughable at best.

Russell and Emmy aren’t beside me. I don’t mean to be rude but Vince isn’t someone I can confide to. If that’s the end then so be it.

And looking at the current situation… I now realize that there is no one else anymore in here I can lean on.


The heaven’s crying is far from stopping.

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