Simply Breaking : Important

Hi, Readers 🙂


The times had been tough since March and I’ve said it before in the web translation notes that I was being bothered from day 1 of our lock down by my 9-5 real life job to help.

Well, I was able to delay it but the inevitable happened and I was escorted to report to the office.

It’s really scary being out there you know.

Risking your life and the people around you for people you don’t know…

To be honest, even as a front liner myself, I applaud others who volunteered for this.


It’s really frightening and yeah i’m struggling internally since the days I reported as I’ve said before.

But I was required to fulfill my real life oath and obligations so I really tried my best.

I am doing my best in the translations too even if it can’t be seen by now due to the erratic release schedule.

I am trying to commit myself to force it out but as my friend said, maybe I am trying too much already.


With that being the case, I was advised to take a break from everything for a week.

I hope I can make use of this time to pick my self up better and get back stronger.

I hope to talk with you guys again after a week. Really sorry.


WordPress greeted me as well for the anniversary of this blogging site.

So to celebrate one of the reasons I started blogging, to translate the Japanese songs I like but not being picked up, below are some recommendations I hope you can listen to while i’m away:


  1. マカロニえんぴつ [Makaroni Enpitsu] (Macaroni Pencil) – It’s one of Japanese bands I started to like due to their song レモンパイ (Lemon Pie) and 恋人ごっこ [Koibito Gokko] (Pretend Lovers). Their music videos in Youtube feature really pretty onee-sans too. But it’s not the reason I come to like them. Trust me.
  2. Sumika – I don’t know if you are familiar with them but if you know the OST of Wotakoi, they’re the one who sang Fiction. They have other songs you might like as well for example, ‘Lovers‘ and ‘Sense of Wonder‘.
  3. クリープハイプ [Kuri-pu Haipu] (Creep Hype) – If you want to remember how unique Japanese can be, check this song from Creep Hype – 愛す [Aisu] (To love).


My favorite American band released an album recently too. I love All Time Low and ‘Some kind of disaster‘ hit me. Haha

This is it for now. If you want a song to be translated, you can reach me out here in the comments or the contact me part. I hope I can talk to you guys again next week!

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  1. Rest well TL what you’re doing as a front liner is for the world you are a part of something great but don’t push yourself or burden yourself because as much as the world depend on you, you can also depend on others so please rest easy and have a good time

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