MK 035 – How the Family Looks

After having some doubts about the things he sees, Kunon now feels reluctant whether it’s fine to be happy about it or not.

Regardless, Iko didn’t wait for him and took him away immediately.
They walk towards the main mansion for Kunon to see his family.

Starting with his mother, Tinaliza.

After Kunon told her what happened, Tinaliza wasn’t able to control herself and immediately broke down to tears.She continuously cries as she hugs the boy with great joy.

She repeatedly mutters words ‘I’m sorry. It’s my fault I wasn’t able to give birth to you properly’ and alike.
Perhaps she can’t control her emotions but these must have been the words she’s been keeping to herself until this day.
Her feelings erupted as if her heart couldn’t contain these emotions any longer.

Kunon hugs his mother back and –

‘I would have probably cried as well if not for that…’

Kunon would have shed his tears as well like with Iko if everything was normal. Except that–

‘—If mother’s right eye isn’t shimmering in gold while her left eye glimmers in jet black, I would have rather cry than got starstruck.’

After seeing Iko with a horn, Kunon already had a premonition about this meeting as well.
That he’ll be able to see something abnormal from his family members too.
That there’s definitely something wrong about his eye.

That being the case, Kunon is now confused whether the image he is looking at right now is the actual appearance of his mother or not.

The difference in her eye colors look so similar to the hero depicted in that one story – a literature Kunon once read before.


Kunon took a closer look at Tinaliza and noticed that he can see through the things that shouldn’t be there if he strains his Mirror Eye.
The same can be said to the crab behind him as well.

Kunon can see the ceiling behind the crab if he focuses real hard. In a way, the crab doesn’t appear to have a material substance.
It cannot be touched nor does it react to anything that Kunon had said and done.

It just stood there.
Continuously following him from behind.
Even when he’s asleep, it stood there right by his side.
Regardless whether there’s enough space or not.
There were even times where the crab’s other half was inside the room while the other half was left out the door.

It was really a bewildering sight for Kunon but since it had appeared a week ago when he was just performing trials and experimentations, he had already become accustomed to the creature.

‘Perhaps I’d be able to see what Mother actually looks like if I try harder.’

But not this time. Kunon’s already tired from using the Mirror Eye and trying to look past the crab so he just decided to appreciate his Mother’s heroic appearance for the meantime.

[…Mother, did you come from the hero’s ancestral line?] (K)

[Hm?] (T)

‘Mother looks so cool and badass no matter how much I think about it.’

Even up close, Kunon can’t help but get overwhelmed by his mother’s awesome appearance.

‘How come I look so plain and simple when my mother looks this beautiful? Just what went wrong?’

—Kunon then asks Iko afterwards what his mother’s eye colors are and she confirms that her eyes are both of emerald hue.

It also appears that his mother might not really have the cool and gallant appearance of a hero.

Up next is his brother, Ixio, who just came back from the Aristocratic High School. 

Similar to Tinaliza, he informs his brother that he can now see.

[Is that true!?] (I)

And it appears that Tinaliza isn’t the only one. 

‘Big brother is quite the cool and awesome figure too.’

How else can Kunon describe it when there are jet black wings majestically spreading behind Ixio?

Ixio is now fourteen years old.He has a larger build compared to kids his age and has a very good amount of appetite. Kunon wonders if it’s really okay for him to categorize him as one of the kids after seeing him like this.

‘Our eyes aside, our hair color is the similar.’

But because Ixio wears his hair with a short cut, it looks cool and refined compared to Kunon’s.

Besides —

‘He has black wings. Beautiful shining dark wings….’

[…Hey, brother, are your parents angels? Demons? Or perhaps the fallen ones?]

[You’ve already met your parents right? Then you should know.]

Ofcouse, it’s not that Kunon doesn’t know. It’s just that–

‘If only you can see yourself from my eye, brother. You’d also question if you’re really a human.’

Afterwards, Kunon asks Iko if people are normally born with wings and Iko said–

[People have a couple of wings when they’re born, you know? It’s the wing of freedom and the wing of possibilities! But as they grow ol—]

Iko started to talk along those lines but Kunon doesn’t really want to listen about it right now. In summary, Kunon learned that people don’t have wings. 

It turns out that his brother doesn’t look like an angel or a fallen celestial of some sort.


Arson then arrives so they come over and tell him the news that Kunon can now see.

[—So you’ve done it! At last! Great job, Kunon!]

Kunon can feel how Arson is really happy for him.
But that isn’t what is currently holding the boy’s attention right now.
After seeing Tinaliza and Ixio, Kunon had already raised the bar for Arson. From a gallant hero to a fallen angel, just what would Arson appear to be? Fortunate or not, Arson seems different from the two.

Kunon thought that it would have been better if that wasn’t the case.

His mother and brother have really awesome appearances.

‘But Father…’

Arson is…
Nothing but some kind of a background character.
From the top of his head down to his toes, Arson’s body is censored and not that visible.

Contrary to his surroundings that have distinct shape and color, Arson’s vagueness makes him stand out on its own way.

[…What’s the matter?]

Arson can’t help but ask after seeing Kunon’s weird reaction and the MIrror Eye closely floating right in front of him.

Kunon already explained to him what the Mirror Eye does so Arson is aware that Kunon is looking at him. 

‘But why does it seem like it’s staring at me so intently right now?’

Arson can’t help but wonder.

Never in Arson’s wildest dream that Kunon wouldn’t have to stare at him so hard if he isn’t anything else but just a silhouette in his vision.

[Father… No, it’s nothing.]

That’s the only thing Kunon can say.
In Kunon’s defense, it wasn’t easy for him to get over the shock that his father looks just like some kind of shadow. 

Afterwards, when Kunon asks Iko if how does his father look like, Iko replies—

[He looks just like you.]

Kunon… got sad…

‘If he looks like me then… Father probably has no distinct features and is just a plain looking middle aged man…’

Kunon didn’t ask Iko if his father looks nice with a beard.
Because at this point, he’s already afraid of hearing the answer.
Perhaps the hopes he had just this morning would immediately shatter.

At the moment, there are only four people Kunon has seen, which are his family and his exclusive handmaiden. He decided to stop using his Mirror Eye after that.
Anything more would place a heavy burden on his head and would cause a severe migraine so he decided to put things at a stop for now and to take a good rest before using his Mirror Eye again.

After several months, tonight, the four of them had dinner as a complete family.
Each and everyone of them is overwhelmed by joy and happiness for what Kunon had achieved.
Sitting on the table are his background character of a father, his heroic heterochromia mother, and his fallen angel brother. Last but not the least, Kunon who has a giant crab hanging around behind him.

Anyone else would have been terrified if they could see the people sitting around the dining table.
But the only one who can see such a rather horrific scene is just Kunon.

‘How should I say this… It’s like peeling the layers of an onion…’

After all these years, Kunon found a way to be able to see. Except, the result can’t make him feel genuinely happy. 

‘—Perhaps I should ask Shishou about it.’

Kunon hopes that Zeonly might have heard anything similar to the things he sees but even if there isn’t then the boy doesn’t mind.
He just wants someone to talk about this subject and listen to their thoughts about it.

Once dinner has ended, Kunon returns to his quarters and picks up his pen.
After four full months, he had decided to write a letter and ask Zeonly to come see him.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Getting mixed emotions here whether to laugh or get touched xd
  2. The idiom peeling the layers of an onion means that there are problems to be fixed after you solve the other one. Like when you peel an onion’s layer, there’s another layer.
  3. Before translating this novel, I thought his eye tells something about the person. I’m just not sure what. Because with Tinaliza, I thought that since it’s her eyes that are different, then Kunon might have inherited the hero’s curse from her. But her eyes are gold and dark, while Kunon’s silver. So that became a little bit of a puzzle. I thought it would give a clue as to the hero’s scar (curse) but looking back, I still don’t understand why the crab though—

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