WJ 05 – Ending a Long Tiring Day

Dill’s current cash on hand, or rather, all of the assets he got right now, are mere three silvers.

In consideration of what’s coming ahead, he’s thinking of trying to minimize his living expenses as low as possible.

And as most adults, Dill’s eyes turn dead serious as he thinks about his living expenses, money, and the things he has to do.

[Right… so that one costs one silver, that one’s costs two… and that over there costs five. Yare,yare. Won’t be able to live there without me getting a debt huh.]

‘A reasonable chunk of my budget will be going to the inn as I’ve surmised…’

The more luxurious the bed, the more expensive is an inn. 

‘At worse, I’d just sleep in some big place like a barn along with other people.’

‘If I can save some coppers just by enduring strangers’ snoring then that seems an attractive choice.’

But at his age, Dill actually doesn’t really want to sleep in such a setting.

It’s not that Dill’s ego cannot stand the thought of having to sleep with other people nor about having too much pride considering his age. It’s just that the hard cold floor is going to be really brutal to his back. 

A few hours of sleep on the floor would be enough for him to wake up with an intense back pain.

His back feels like it’s being pricked by pins and needles from time to time and it doesn’t hinder his movements too much. 

However, if the back pain worsens any further, it is quite possible that no matter how good his skill Foresight is, he’ll not be able to fight.

So at the end, Dill would either sleep on top of stacks and hay in a barn surrounded by the stench of stools and other wastes of a farm or splurge a little and stay at an inn. 

In reality, Dill can only choose from either of these ones.

Two of them may be, it’s enough to trouble the old man.

Considering the cost to travel back and forth from his village is five silvers, there’s no way for him to turn back now.

‘I started this journey with the thought of not returning for quite some time anyhow. This challenge is exactly what I need and push forward.’

Dill, betting on a positive and bright tomorrow ahead of him, has finally made up his mind and chooses to stay at the inn that costs a silver coin.

And by the time Dill makes his decision, he immediately takes action as if he’s not hesitating just seconds ago. 

He makes his way along the crowd and the difference of his gait and movement amongst the normal citizens can clearly be seen as his body’s already used to changing his balance and center of gravity because of using his Foresight repeatedly.

He walks in a way that gives the passerby an illusion that he isn’t moving his legs as he passes by a leaning tree beside the building called Silver Fawn Inn.

When he opens the door, the first things he sees is a poster kindly saying ‘One silver for one bed for one night’ plastered in the entrance before he looks toward the reception where a young girl is currently standing by.

[Welcome. Will you be staying the night?]

[Indeed. Let me book here for a night.]

Dill hands out a silver coin towards the girl when their eyes suddenly meet.

She has silver hair that looks smooth as a velvet curtain and her pair of gilded eyes.

She looks around the age of ten and on the small side for kids around her age.

It’s not that it’s unusual for kids to start working even before they reach the age of fifteen.

It’s just that the young receptionist can’t help but remind Dill of his granddaughter Marill.

‘Goodness. I hope Marill’s doing great right now…’

The young girl, however, can’t help but look at Dill as a weirdo when he suddenly has a reminiscing expression when they meet eyes.

[Is there anything weird on my face?]

[…No, your face is fine. It’s just that I suddenly remember my granddaughter. She’s just a bit younger than you, little miss.]

[I see. Here’s the key to the room. You’ll be able to find the room if you just go straight ahead to the end from that direction.]

‘Oho? They’re using iron for keys? How luxurious.’

But Dill then remembers that this is a rather ordinary inn compared to the others. His thought made him realize then that if iron in this town is so abundant that even an ordinary inn can utilize it —

‘Then perhaps I don’t have to wait to get a stable income for my food and lodging before I can buy an iron sword…’

Dill then accepts the key together with a wooden tag that’s connected to it by a ring before thanking the young innkeeper.

‘Such a cute girl. She’ll definitely be a famous poster girl of this inn as long as she grows properly.’

Or so Dill had thought but–

‘Well, not as cute as my granddaughter though.’

In Dill’s head, there’s no need for any justification as to why Marill is much cuter.

[What’s your name, little lady?]

[I’m Alice. Oh, I forgot to mention but we only serve dinners. If you’d like one, please tell me and I’ll send it to your room.]

[Alright. Well then, Alice-chan.]

Dill gives the little innkeeper a wave as he heads toward the room the innkeeper indicated.

What’s behind the door is a small room with a little bed on its right side.

Losing all the nerves now that he finally found a place where he can be at peace, Dill’s body immediately feels so exhausted and drowsiness overtakes him.

Although he’s hungry, his tiredness prevailed over it and it didn’t let him get up anymore from the bed and buy something to eat.

[Traveling in a carriage… actually fighting against an adventurer on my first day, accompanying the young lady Miss, and inn hunting… I think I worked too hard today.]

The young innkeeper said about dinner being served but for now, the old man doesn’t want anything else but to rest his bones.

And then tomorrow, he will finally take his first step as an adventurer.

Although he feels a lot of fear, excitement, and expectation about his new adventure after he turned sixty… He forgot all about it and went to sleep.

The old man didn’t even wait for a second to change his clothes and went to bed as it is.

It only took seconds until the old man’s snooze and peaceful breathing fill in the small room of the Silver Fawn Inn.

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