VF 101 – The Next King versus the Next Prime Minister

[Well then, are both of you ready?]

I stood in the middle of Seryu-sama and Macbeth-kun as they face each other, both holding wooden swords. I will serve as this match’s referee and would put it to a stop immediately in case of emergency.

[Ready… Start!] (Calis)

The first to move was Macbeth. He made a preemptive dash aiming for Seryu-sama’s throat as he grins in anticipation of victory after thinking he was able to easily get the initiative. He’s probably thinking of ending things instantly but unfortunately, Seryu-sama easily saw through his plans and after dodging at the last possible second, he moves to Macbeth-kun’s side and seize the opening.

[Gah*..!] (Macbeth)

I didn’t expect Macbeth-kun to actually avoid that strike despite being out of balanced in a desperate maneuver but the prince didn’t pursue him. He just looks at Macbeth-kun and fixes his stance accordingly. Oho, perhaps the prince is showing their differences in ability as he gives Macbeth-kun some leeway? I observe Macbeth-kun’s reaction and notices how his eyes narrow as he glares at the prince. He then kicks off to a sprint and immediately unleashes an upward slash as the prince enters his attack range.

Seryu-sama, seeing through his movements perfectly, dodges Macbeth-kun’s attempt and counters by striking Macbeth-kun’s hand which holds the wooden sword. As Macbeth-kun loses his grip in just a single blow, Prince Seryu didn’t wait any longer as he aims his wooden sword onto Macbeth’s throat.

[Uhm, well, it’s 1-0, I guess.] (Seryu)

[…you don’t say…] (M)

[I’d ask just in case but would you keep on trying?] (S)

[Yeah. It would leave a bitter aftertaste if I can’t win even once.] (M)

[That’s what he says, Duke Fall. So if you’d allow…] (S)

[*Nods* Feel free to defeat him until he gives up. The game allows the trainee to do whatever he wants if he wins anyway so feel free to do as you please.] (C)

[My thanks, Duke Fall.] (S)

[Though, I have to say, I thought the victor was already decided after the preemptive thrust he made.] (C)

[Oh, I think his movements were pretty clean back then as well. But after getting used to the Duke’s speed, it can’t even compare so…] (S)

Perhaps those words caught Macbeth-kun’s interest as he turned to me with shock in his face.

[You’re really outrageous. I guess that’s the reason why people call you the ‘demon king’.] (M)

[Oho, I’d take you learned of such nicknames from Serena-sama, yes?] (C)

[The duke also served in the army, if I’m not mistaken. Despite being a noble who governs a territory, he was hailed to be the strongest swordsman of them all! As expected of Duke Fall!] (S)

I don’t know if Prince Seryu is aware of it, but Macbeth-kun is smiling drily as he looks at the prince while he showers me with embarrassing praises…

[Well, I can understand to some extent why the Prince admires you that way.] (M)

[Duke Fall’s really a splendid person, don’t you agree!?] (S)

[*Flinched* Y-yeah… though probably not as much as your highness thinks…] (M)

Oh, he flinched. Yeah, I get it. I know how you feel, Macbeth-kun. Except that even I don’t understand why he follows me like a cute puppy. I don’t know if I’m starting to like this kid a little bit but I feel I’m starting to open up to the prince. Not that it matters as long as it won’t bother me as I dote on Sasha and Laurel~.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. If I’m not mistaken, Macbeth is the same kid that Serena has a crush on and is engaged with in case you need some refresh. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!
  2. You know, when I first encountered the stories of MCs who’ve been strong without doing anything, I was really engrossed with them. That is until it became too mainstream. And after reading Danmachi again, as well as Arifureta, I came to a self realization that I like the story of MCs who’d been zero to hero. There’s also Naruto. The happiness I feel watching them succeed can’t compare to the times when the OP MCs effortlessly defeated an enemy. Sorry, sorry. I’m just talking about my tastes. Cause what I see here are two types of different protagonists who are fighting under the instructions of, in this series, the demon king. xd
  3. There’s also one video that strikes me after seeing Calis’ last line in this chapter. loool It’s a Family Feud clip from Team Bradshaw xD If you want to see the clip, click here and jump to 2:05, at least! xD

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6 thoughts on “VF 101 – The Next King versus the Next Prime Minister

  1. I also used to read over powered MC novels, but it just got boring. Without the MC having to work to get strong, any time there was a powerful baddie I’d be like ‘okay, let’s bet how many chapters the author stretches out the MC getting their inevitable upgrade’. When the MC has to work for it, it feels earned rather than just something thrown at them by the author.

  2. Thanks for the chapter~
    Yeah? I think that he is Callis’ first disciple, or at least should be. I don’t know why the author just deleted his existence until now after saying the your MC would train the first minister’s son once a week (which was the soon himself who plead for it), and now they don’t know each other? Or else… he doesn’t had interest into the training at all.
    Well… at least we don’t need to have 2 puppy characters like Seryu (not complaining here, but too many of them may be too much xD)

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