VF 102 – The Day Words are First Said


A year has passed since Mint and Basil were born. We watch Basil as he stands up while holding on to different things for support when he almost stumbled and was rescued by Yuri. Nothing really surprising there except that Basil looked at Yuri and uttered her name while staring at her. To be honest, I was surprised. And the same can be said to Reina who’s attending to Mint beside me. 

[…That was Basil, right? He can now speak?] (Calis)

[That seems to be the case.] (Reina)

[And of all things, Yuri’s name had to be the first word that he said…] (C)

[Well, considering that Yuri’s been attending to Basil-sama for the whole year that has passed, I believe that’s pretty normal.] (R)

I know. Yuri’s been pretty proactive as well in taking care of Basil. But, how to say this, actually seeing that the first word Basil learned was Yuri’s name feels a little frustrating as a parent. Well, I guess it’s still a blessing that Mother who’s been visiting regularly lately isn’t here to witness his grandson recognizing someone else first besides us.

[Yuu-iii] (Basil) 

[…I’m here, Basil-sama.] (Yuri)

Basil calls Yuri once again while giggling and Yuri, who’s stoic most of the time, has an affectionate smile directed to him.

[…Thank you, Basil-sama… Calling my name, I feel so happy…] (Y)

[Yu-iii, Yu-iiii] (B) 

[…Yes, Basil-sama.] (Y)

W-what the? Can these two already make a world of their own?

[Yuri might appear disinterested most of the time but she’s pretty easy to get attached to cute and little things. Yuri must have found Basil-sama to be her favorite ever since she came as a servant to the estate that’s why she’s so attached to him.] (R)

[*Shocked* *Sweating* I – I see… Yeah, I understand but is it really okay to leave them alone like that…?] (C)

[It should be fine. Yuri should be aware of her own standing as a maid. I’d put her to a stop myself before anything weird happens.] (R)

[I’ll leave it to you… You see, I don’t mind it if they get close like that but that is until Basil is at the right age.] (C)
[*Shocks*] (R)

Considering how close they are and if Basil, when he grows up, eventually falls in love with Yuri, a maid, at that time, then I’d just have to accept that. It’s not like anyone would be able to oppose whoever Basil chooses to be by his side… unless he chooses a guy then… yeah, even I wouldn’t really easily agree with that. First and foremost, he needs to produce an heir.

[How about you, how are you doing these days?] (C)

[As to what exactly?] (R)

[With Miguel, of course. Any news?] (C)

[T-that’s, well… there isn’t a bit…] (R)

[Oh, I see. No rush, just do things at your own pace. I’ll cheer for you both.] (C)

I pick up Mint after saying so and play a bit with my cute little daughter. Since Basil’s already being taken care of by Yuri, then I’d just shower my fatherly love to my other cute baby.

[*tickle tickle*] (C)

[Ahehihi, pa – pa] (Mint)

[*Gasps* …Reina… I wonder if I heard it right… It felt like she just said ‘papa’…] (C)

[You heard it right, Duke Fall. Mint-sama clearly said ‘papa’.] (R)

[That’s right… I see… Thank you, Mint.] (C)

[*Gyaoo*] (M)

I can only express my appreciation from the warmth my daughter brought with just a single

word. Slowly but surely, the twins are growing little by little.

  1. Anybody who knows when’s the right time to call the FBI in this scenario? Loool
  2. No, I want to believe this is all platonic. And girls really love the cuteness of babies if I am not mistaken so I don’t wanna judge herrrr T.T xD

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  1. Stop raising flags Calis! There’s at least a ten year age gap (though I kind of feel like it’s closer to 15) between your son and his maid! Stop thinking up weird things!

  2. Hahaha
    The right timing was already past when Reina knew about Yuri’s traits, now its just the after match
    Thanks for the chapter~

    PS: Also, did you found anything about the reason I’m not receiving e-mails when someone answer me? I feel bad to leave comments without reading it xD…

  3. Moshi moshi, FBI? This maid right here seems sus. I’m sure it’s just a young girl loving a cute baby situation but just in case…

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